Use Our Football Betting Calculator

Football bet calculators are an excellent way of working out exactly what you stand to win from your bets. Whichever bookmaker you use, chances are they will have a betting calculator available online which is capable of calculating potential returns on any number of accumulators and combinations of odds. Using a football bet calculator is very useful for when you are putting on more complicated bets such as multi-match accumulators and for when you are covering many eventualities with patents and Yankees etc. All you need do is feed your odds into the football bet calculator together with your stake and your potential returns will be calculator for you.

When it comes to football betting, punters are free to use bookmaker bonuses to make bets as simple as singles or as complicated as Yankee 63s and other combinations. It is always a good idea to work out your potential winnings using a bet calculator, and for more risky bets, use the bookmaker bonuses available from many companies. Most bookmakers offer sports betting promotions such as deposit bonuses and new customer bonuses; you can use these special offers in any way you like, but the latter is always more fun, and potential winnings are greater.