Use Our Golf Betting Calculator

Betting on golf is a very popular pastime when it comes to sports betting in the UK, and further afield. If you feel like mixing up your bets, use an online golf bet calculator to help you work out exactly what you stand to win from any potential returns. Calculating the odds is made very easy by using a betting calculator and virtually all bookmakers have this feature on their websites. Not many people can calculate the returns on complicated accumulators in their head; using a bookmaker bet calculator makes this a lot easier, especially on complicated bets and combinations.

If you are a fan of sports betting who likes to bet on golf, be sure to take advantage of bookmaker bonuses when considering where to place your bets. All of the major bookmakers in the UK offer first deposit bonuses to new customers as well as one-off bonuses and special offers throughout the year. Also, when using matched deposit bonuses and suchlike, consider experimenting a little bit with various bet types, and use your bookmaker's bet calculator to help you calculate your returns. Combining odds in your head is not very easy, a betting calculator will do this for you in an instant.