Use Our Rugby Betting Calculator

Betting on rugby is very popular with UK punters and if you are the type who enjoys mixing up their bets, be sure to use a bookmaker bet calculator to calculate your winnings. Even if you are only placing a single; rugby bet calculators are still very useful for working out your returns in a flash, leaving no need to do your own maths. If you are looking to bet on rugby with a combination of odds, calculating your winnings can be quite complicated without using a rugby betting calculator, available at virtually all bookmakers nowadays. Sports betting calculators are generally simple and easy-to-use.

Whenever you are looking to bet on Rugby, you always have plenty of options in terms of which bookmaker to go to, so be sure to choose a bookmaker with the best bonuses and promotions. Sometimes it is even worth signing up for a new account, just to take advantage of that bookmaker's first deposit bonus for new customers. Other bookmakers will offer promotions when betting on rugby matches of great importance such as cup finals. Whether you simply want to bet on the winner of the match, or on more complicated markets, always look out for bookmaker bonuses to make the most of your money.