Use Our Tennis Betting Calculator

There are lots of different markets to choose from when betting on tennis and using a bet calculator is a great way of easily and quickly working out your returns. Whether you are betting on individual games, set scores, number of breaks etc. a tennis bet calculator takes the hard work out of calculating the odds. Sports betting calculators are available at all major bookmakers and are generally very easy to use, with a very straightforward interface. Winnings are calculated almost instantly by entering the odds together with your stake. This makes calculating tennis betting returns much more simple than doing it in your head.

Whenever you're betting on tennis, use your current bookmaker's bonuses, or a different bookmaker's promotions, to make your bankroll go a little further. If you are a new customer, chances are there will be a first deposit bonus to take advantage of, sometimes up to an incredible £200. Other bookmakers offer free bets and various promotions which could see you winning big or even getting your money back with certain eventualities. Tennis betting promotions are also sometimes available with important events such as Wimbledon or the U.S. Open; be sure to keep an eye on bookmaker bonuses to take advantage of these.